Our dilemma… choosing for our future nest…   Leave a comment

Below is a preview of the BTO models…

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without much to say… ms.sim and myself are still evaluating the pros & cons for each estates…

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2011 in review   Leave a comment

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,400 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 23 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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reflections on silent night… counting your presents…   Leave a comment

Its christmas time, and time to share and open up our pressies!!

Ms.Sim got me a set of Tin Tin books, it was a whole set of them!! so happy!!

For me, i made her a “Year 2012” calender with all our travel pictures.. and a trip to “shining shimmering splendid” which got her on the guess for several weeks before she found out what it was..

and many other things that happen around the same period of time.. .”:p”

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Shining, Shimmering & Splendid   Leave a comment

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This trip was meant as a surprise to sweetheart for x’mas & 2112 (3rd).

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Batam city tour & shopping spree on X’mas eve   Leave a comment

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It was quite a random and last minute trip for me and ms.sim to batam. This time round, we had the opportunity to join up Wenhan & cindy together for this tour, though the entire trip was only 2D1N, but it felt to us like it was 3D2N or even longer. This, we came to a conclusion that we have too much of “lull” time after the first day of shopping, simply the first night we were just chilling, eating, playing board games all the way till next early morning…

Not forgetting about the loots we always look forward to during vacation trips. Ms. Sim and i changed a total of $150sgd, and we were made instant millionaire in batam. within 2~3 hours, we spent millions on factory outlets, buying several, almost dozen of t-shirts/polo t from the store… oh! and not forgeting the kueh lapis (layered cakes), which Batam was famous for its home-bake/make ones and the fish ball snacks!

Overall the trip was good, with the hotel stay at novotel hotel with american/asian buffet breakfast included highly recommended.

and we were soon back to singapore shores, and what we can only do is to look forward to next trip abroad again..

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Christmas & R&R event in office   Leave a comment

Thou not everyone was present, but we have most of the ppl around in office for food, games & gifts exchange… Merry X’mas everyone and have a bless and fruitful year 2012 for all of us…

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Shawn’s bday meetup   Leave a comment

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Ms. Sim & Yaoyao decided to celebrate Shawn’s birthday, and we ended up having a dinner at Paradise Dynasty @ Ion Orchard. Got to say that their ‘xiao long baos’ and ‘la mian’ are highly recommended!! it comes in colourful xiaolong baos.. each having a unique taste, choices of foie gras, garlic, ginseng, cheese, original, black truffles, crab roe… their la mian i think is the best so far i have ever tried across many other famous restaurants…

And to add on, we each had a chocolate cup cakes, which is part of Shawn’s bday cake this year. These cup cakes were from Awfully chocolate… nice and something different…

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Christmas at the fireplace with ms. sim   Leave a comment

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dad’s birthday!!   Leave a comment

Celebrated dad’s birthday with my family…

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Genting ~ Nov 2011   Leave a comment

The last time i was back in Genting was in mid-2005 with my family. It was my first time paying the entire trip for my family back then… well, time flies, fast forward 6 years, i’m back to see the area once again, and noticeably, many many changes were there, but of ┬ácourse most of the facilities are still the same, just that you can see the “age” in them already.

Nevertheless, it was still a widely popular destination among many ppl around the region, not forgetting us singaporeans, who largely willing to pay that extra money and time to come up here to savour the casino experience. the last time i couldnt get a chance to enter due to my age restriction. So, sad to say, i only manage to enter Genting Casino only when i’m 26.. that seem so “tut” if my gf were to describe me.. haha!! well, at least i have stepped into Macau’s line of casinos street when i was 23, and as always, i proudly proclaim to her that I have stepped into Disney land at the age of 23, and she hasn’t… bleah!! :p

Pardon my childish act, but i believe i;m still young lah!!

Anyway, more stories, in Genting, most of the expenses aren’t cheap, but comparing to the exchange in currency, its still affordable for us to do spending there. We chanced upon a laser shooting range at genting, and ms. sim and i went up for a challenge. The results in summary to say, Ms. Sim has good aiming skills, achiving almost all 9/10 for all the shots, myself, feeling ashamed having attended NS firing a rifle many times, did not achieved 9/10 on the first try. Of course, to save face, have to say to her that all weapons are unique, and one has to grasp the feeling of it before u can actually utilize it to its max. But in deed this is true, as it takes sometime for us to understand the rifle, need to do zeroing, aiming-off, as all of us have different shooting and aiming habits. But, all this was largely shut out as “crap” haha… nevertheless, we enjoyed our session there, before we returned with the main group… Kids.. are so mischievous nowadays.. cant imagine if i would be able to tame and control my kids next time or not… :-p

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